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My name is Farah Khairuddin and I became interested in creating skincare products in 2017.
I lives in Abu Dhabi (UAE) with family, here we are exposed to the Arab Beauty Secrets. Cactus and prickly pear plant can survive in dry weather conditions and it was found to be used in the Middle East for its beauty and health benefits.
When my Business slump down in 2017, I could no longer afford the very expensive treatment maintenance and beauty products I had been using. However, not wanting to give up and having scared dry skin. I couldn’t find a product in the market that gave me the protection as what cactus plant has to protect itself from its harsh environment. From my frustration of not being able to find a product to meet my skin’s needs, I did a lot of research into natural ingredients and started making my own natural skincare products.
I became obsessed, reading every peer-reviewed journal on skin and beauty health tips I could find. Then with the help of appointed pharmacist and chemist from Manufacturer in UAE, I developed a natural skincare for myself that solved my ageing and scared dry skin problem.
Our vision at Al-Hur is to provide a natural product that works. A product that uses natural organic ingredients that are not only sourced ethically but which are active and produce results. A product we can be proud of.

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