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Cactus / Prickle Pear / Opuntia Oil is Our Killer Signature Ingredients – 150% High Antioxidant than Argan Oil


Our ingredients are sourced in Middle East, though some of the primary raw materials for a few of these ingredients may originate from other parts of the world.

Natural beauty is something too real. The natural ingredients are carefully selected from high quality ingredients all over the world. Our ingredients are primarily selected for their beneficial properties and unique energy. AL-HUR BEAUTY, bracing organic splash!

All ingredients have been carefully reviewed, selected and tested for their generally acceptable problem-free safety and toxicity profiles.

Al-Hur Beauty approved by Ministry of Health and certified with International Halal and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

  • FREE Parabens
  • FREE Phenoxyethanol
  • FREE Formaldehyde
  • FREE Silicones
  • FREE Mineral Oils
  • FREE Phthalates
  • FREE Synthetic Colors and Fragrances.
  • FREE Animal Cruelty.
  • FREE Mercury, Hydroquinone and Tretinoin
  • Exotic Ingredients
  • Acceptable pH-balanced (6.0-7.7)

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